Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MLK Day at the Big J: January 19, 2015

Since I was so fortunate to spend yesterday's MLK Day back at the Big J, I thought I'd share some of the random pictures from last year's visit. 

I was still getting over some weird stomach thing, so I wasn't eating much, but I still had time to sit and toast to Ms. T---'s presence for a long leisurely breakfast. (Indie Food and Wine)

Ms. T--- had to go back to work, so I think I hung about the lobby of the Film Society of Lincoln Center and used their wi-fi to set up more appointments for the day. I also ran over to the Bed Bath & Beyond, Gracious Home, and Gourmet Garage for some errands.

Lunch was with Cynthia at an Upper West Side institution I had missed, somehow, in the seven years I worked in the area.

"Big Nick's" TOO (Because sadly, I missed going to the original Big Nick's. It shuttered in 2013.)

One of those tiny, hole in the wall vintage dives which are becoming more rare on the UWS. The menu was so huge, but again -stomach ailments, so I had chicken soup, fries, and eggs, of all things. I am hoping for a redo one day. 

On the way back, we spotted one of those random things in the City that you just have to question. Cynthia and I actually turned to each other just to confirm that we were seeing what we thought were seeing. In fact, we back-tracked and crossed the street to go over and take a picture.
Um? Okay? I thought the UWS had zoning for JUST this kind of thing.

Cyn had to peel off, but I set up camp down in the tanning booth (aka under the main front steps of the Big J)

to use the wi-fi until Matt could run down and give me a hug, and/or it was time for my "coffee" break with Brent back over at Indie. (Coffee for Brent, Diet Coke for me).

I had a "tea" appointment to see Susan, but she was under the gun on a print deadline, so basically she ran out of the building on a "coffee" run (more Diet Coke) from the coffee cart on the corner and we basically power-walked around the block three times while smoke came out of her ears and we literally cooled off in the frigid January weather. 

After our "tea," I did head upstairs to the "new" suite of "off-site" offices to check in with my former boss Ed, but I kept my profile pretty low, because I like to be respectful of their working day. I plan these visits very carefully and strategically - and often make sure it's off-site.

(There is nothing more annoying than a former employee swanning in on their break while you are frantically busy working, or on a deadline, who wants to catch-up. I know. I have been one of those resentful busy worker bees.) 

One of the best parts of the day however, was getting a big old hug from some of the security guards. It'd been over a year or so since I had ducked in - and it was just like I had never left. I DID get scolded that I hadn't brought THEM baked goods.

Figures. You feed them a few times, and they think you'll feed them all the time. (I would if I could.)

~ photos by iTouch

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