Friday, January 22, 2016

Here We Go Again: Snowstorm Prep 2016

Now, besides all of the things pictured above - which I have - and  the latter of which could be true for a bibliophile/librarian/ME, I also feel prepared for the IMPENDING SNOWSTORM JONAS OF DOOM 2016. 

I'm good.

As long as the power stays on and pipes don't burst that is, but the major feet of snow is going to end up south of us, at least "write now."

I'm really, really good. My fridge is full for the first time in MONTHS.

Because of the off-site work retreat in CT yesterday, I rented a car for 48hrs to get there, pop up to see friend Jane for dinner, head to my favorite Trader Joe's, and then do some errands today.

I could have done more errands but was doing a neighbor a favor, and due to the storm, the urgency was for groceries and beverages.

Here's my cart full at Trader Joe's, which somehow only ended up being 4 full brown-paper bags,and yet, the exact correct amount for my freezer, minus the packaging for some of the frozen brown rice. GO ME! 

(Dad, apparently I DO have some packing spatial relations after all, thank you very much! AND, despite people being jerks and cutting me off, driving with their hazards in the wrong lanes and not driving some of these CT routes in over 10 years, the car was returned fine, no worries, Susan.)

Not pictured in the stockup:
  • the 3 flats of Diet Coke bottles and cans residing at the office (the office is Pepsi-stocked); 
  • the stash of bags from Target with staples like chunky peanut butter and more soda for the house; 
  • the 3 bags/boxes and easels and whiteboards and materials moved for the retreat; 
  • and the trashed hauled.
I'm good for groceries and snow activities.  I've got:
  • 20 books in a to-be-read pile,
  • a bag full of work from the office, not to mention the remote connection to the office, 
  • 2 unfinished baby blankets that I could work on, 
  • 15 letters I have to write, 
  • blog posts to "retroblog,"
  • a pile of personal archiving,
  • laundry/cleaning,
  • filing/bill paying,
  • baking/cooking, and oh yes, vegging.

I think I'm actually running a fever, so I'm off to pop NyQuil, get in my pjs, and crash. I'll wake up to a Winter Wonderland of some sort of storm.

Hunker down, ya'll.

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