Thursday, January 14, 2016

Captain Nathan is Six!

This hero? 
Captain Nathan turns six today!
He's had a busy year, what with birthdays, graduations, 
fun times with family and friends, and my goodness, his imagination!

Thankfully his folks and grandparents have been sharing photos, 
like the one above and below.

But nothing beats spending time with him in person. 
Like when I got to visit in August 2015.

He's so funny and QUITE the little personality.

Don't mock his bowling form...
 or you'll get the stink side-eye. 
(Or maybe he was just critiquing the FREE root beer floats. 
"Well, actuallly...")
I don't know where he picked it up,
but he has mean form when wielding both a lightsabre and a sword.
 (Classic swagger/*drops mic*)
(Sorry Christina)

And yet, he will still snuggle in for a nap time 
OR make sure he gets his privacy respected.
Superheroes read books!
 Where they pick up tips on shield skills, robes of power/invisibility, or of the Force?

 He's a little kid who does appreciate nature, and looking for frogs in the muck,
but is a little old man who does NOT like getting cold in the pool 
and would rather spend all his time in the hot tub.
It's hard to be the only brother in a mix of three girls and the "baby" for so long. 
And now, NOT the baby. 
Keep snuggling in kiddo, I'll let you sit in the middle for as long as you'll fit.

 Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Remember, you are Awesome!

And you are WAY Cooler than all of these very cool things.

Found via Amazon, amazingly
Postscript: Per Grumpa and on Christina's SM

This big guy is 6 years old today! 
He was so easy to please and told me he had the "best birthday ever!"

~ my August photos a mix of iTouch and Nikon

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