Thursday, January 14, 2016

Officially Done with Grad School, 13 Years Later

Back in November, I wrote a check that I hoped would close a chapter of my life that seemed never to end: paying off my grad school loans.
My original loan paperwork for my repayment of US Government Student Loans was for a 10-year repayment cycle.

But all of my professional life I have worked for one non-profit and/or school or another. Things were a little tight, and this was long before this outgoing federal administration had put new measures in place to forgive loans. Instead, I inquired about an additional five-year extension.

So, after graduating with my Masters of Library and Information Science from the Palmer School of same at Long Island University in 2003, at the end of 2015, I managed to pay my loans off late/early, depending on how you look at it.

But...something was ... unresolved. After a monthly relationship for nigh on 12+ years, there was a distinct lack of closure. I was expecting SOMETHING to commemorate the end of this back and forth dance of paperwork. But, nothing ... For weeks. And weeks.

Until today.
Two loans.
Two pieces of paper.
NOW I have closure!


Now I can spend that budget line on paying off this iPhone for the next two years.

Easy come. Easy go.

~some photos and entry by iPhone

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