Monday, January 25, 2016

Drew's Second Decade: Happy Birthday!

So, this kid is probably somewhere on the other side of the country 
eating more pie or cake or something to celebrate his 11th Birthday!
How is my eldest nephew 11? Today? How does he turn 11 today?

He's had quite a year. School, family, family trips, and 
especially the trip he and mom took to Washington, D.C. in the spring. 
(Thanks for the pictures Kelli via Grumpa.)
 From the temple, to the Smithsonian's Air & Space Museum,
 to his first train/subway ride, and the super steep subway escalator,
 he and Mom were tuckered out by the end.

He's quite the big brother to Cannon and Sarah, 
with all the odd and conflicted dynamics that being a big sibling, particularly being a
big brother to a brother, and a big brother to a sister entails.
 On the one hand, there's teaching about FOOTBALL!
 Drew, even though they may bug you, you still have them eating out of your hands.
 On the other, I know you sometimes just want to play pretend on your own,
 but they pick up weapons skills too quickly
 and manage to hit you in the face. 

But even after some initial sibling screaming and squabbling, 
they still want to hang out and just watch you, and see what you are up to,
 even when you are trying to chill in front of the cartoons after a hard day of 5th Grade, 
basketball, Scouts, homework, and "just life."
(Sarah juuuuust had to see how close she could get to poking him in the head with her toes.)

Luckily, Drew's swinging some outside interests of his own, 
and running away from the rat race with his Dad and friends.
Which is really awesome.

But MY favorite part of the year is when we get to hang out, just the two of us (and hundreds of other people in a crowded games facility), or eat and talk, or play games with our own rules, or go hiking.
Drew, I know you were annoyed that you were 2 inches too short
 to drive the Go-Kart on your own, but soon kid ...
Too soon, TOO TOO SOON, *
you will be more than big enough to drive your own car - and then, we shall see.

Happy Birthday, Drewbie.

Why are you growing up so fast?
Stop it.

~photos from all over the place, c. his folks, Grumpa, iTouch, and iPhone

*Maybe my bruise from trying to get OUT of the Go-Kart will heal by then. Seriously, I still have a bruise - and this happened on Black Friday. MONTHS ago.

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