Sunday, January 24, 2016

Do You Wanna build a Snowman? Jonas Edition

So, the kids in Idaho have been already having fun this winter, playing out in the snow, building snowmen, and monkeying about.
Yesterday's Winter Storm Jonas was the first one for New York, and the weather forecasting models kept changing the ETA and estimated snowfall totals.

This was my view for most of the day (snowflakes by the Idaho kids),
 and then later in the afternoon as it really started to show it wasn't going to be "just" 6 inches,
by nightfall, it was obvious it was feet of snow, plus drifting, and then the "blow back" plows and blowers.
 What you can't see on the streetlight above, is the foot-long icicles that are hanging off the light.
What you also can't see in the last few photos, is the mesh from the screen window. In trying to "throw up the stash," something happened, and it came off in my hand and almost blew away. Have you tried to hold a phone and wrangle a screen window in during blizzard force winds? I do not recommend it. I also don't recommend looking at all the black gunk that I washed off the screen. Yuck.
This morning I ventured out and across the street to get the Sunday papers, but, despite our street being relatively clear by 9a.m., there were no papers. (We also didn't get mail yesterday.)
I am VERY grateful I didn't have to undig a car today, or fight for parking the rest of the winter. I did wish I had a shovel to start working on the 3ft radius around this hydrant--for about a hot second and then I laughed at myself. Undigging these STAT is ingrained into me - and then this morning the need for snow removal in front of hydrants was made evident when a major fire ripped through a building in Hell's Kitchen. Hopefully someone undug this hydrant on my street.
All in all, storm was ... uneventful for me, thankfully. I read 2 books, talked on the phone, hung around, wrote notes, ate, and stayed warm. Kind of wished it happened on a weekday so I could have "worked from home," but the season is still young. Whoops. Maybe I shouldn't jinx it.

At least SOME people had fun with "storm/snow zilla"

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