Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

The weekend was a blur of baking for various activities, future feeding of IT boys, and party flavors. Yes, you read that correctly, flavors, not favors. From apple bread loaves, to zucchini chocolate cake, to Bamboolzer brownies, and home-made crackers, I may have overdone it with the flour and arm power. Some of these treats got packed up for work, some for the party (more on that in a moment), and somehow some of these little packages ended up around the neighbors (and my door) with this little poem.

A surprise gift for the entire X Floor
For neighbors as closely packed as can be-
left late one night in secret outside your door
A little cake that’s quite sweet and healthy.
A kitchen elf mixed the apples in the cake 
Which you’re (hopefully) sure to find a treat-
One was super easy for the elf to make, 
Just so you they could welcome--nay Greet!   
As we pass each other on the stairs or halls,
Or see each other out on the busy streets,
Let’s take a moment to this gift recall:
Happy neighbors might leave more treats.

Someone is not a poet, and they for sure know it.

After a day of literally slaving over a hot stove, I packed myself and my bags onto the train up to Christine's for a party. Not just any party, but a party with a purpose. I love intriguing Paperless Post invites from friends, like this one: 

Clean out the closet for a jewelry and accessories exchange party.

Great chance to relieve your wardrobe of stuff you don’t want. Bring jewelry, scarves, pocketbooks, belts (no damaged items, please). For each item you bring, you’ll be able to exchange it for a new-to-you item. High end items may be sold for a modest price, too. Remaining items will be returned or donated to charity.

Christine has a knack for making any space and party special. Not only is it her livelihood, but it seems to be a gift.
I have seriously seen boutiques with less merchandise than all the items a bunch of us purged from our closets. Most of us found a few trinkets and scarves and odds and ends to exchange, but I have a feeling a sizable donation will be being made to Dress for Success, My Sister's Place, or another similar womens' charity.

As a bonus, I also sold a few hats from the Attic stash, caught up with friends, and stuffed my face with some of Christine's deliciously, scrumptious nibbles. As the two of us will be having a non-traditional Thanksgiving, I better start losing some weight so I can put it back on while eating her pasta and other cooking!

Thanks for hosting Christine. I had a blast and will enjoy wearing my new accessories.

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