Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Twins!

 How has it been a year already since Dos Bebes arrived ... little miraculous peanuts barely an armful?

I don't know what was in that baby food formula (Miracle Grow?) because they are so chock full of personality 
and like five times the size they were when they arrived.

Happy Birthday little ones. 

Hope you get lots of presents today and get all the cake your little hands can get 
a hold of and as stuffed as your faces can get.

I anticipate you'll need to slip into your birthday suits to be hosed down.

 Sarah and Cannon in their
 Birthday suits!
 NO impishness there at ALL! NONE.

All photos care of the family and the grandparents.
6 weeks and counting until I get to squeeze all kinds of little cheeks.

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