Monday, June 10, 2013

Retroblogging: Falling for Crafts in Chelsea

Now that spring has sprung, the proliferation of street and craft fairs has blossomed. I'd like to keep exploring the various festivities, but time gets away from me. (Plus I am being careful with the budget for future fun - so if I don't go to "window shop" and "idea browse," then I won't accidentally end up purchasing anything.)

What I really like are the little crafty homegrown events, where you can really get close to the vendors and makers. Fairs like the one Jane and I went to in October in support of P.S. 11 partially sponsored by Etsy.

We picked up buttons, brochures, and stickers, oh my.

It was a beautiful fall day, a warm, delightful, perfect Indian Summer day. It was almost perfect weather for sandals. Isn't this display adorable?
Since the funds being raised were for P.S. 11's arts curricula and other vital education programs, I just loved this vendor - who re-purposes old musical instruments and cases into a variety of lights and shelves.
I know of at least one saxophone and trumpet that could be put to good use. If my brothers even still have them.

The light was just so great in spotlighting the various jewelry displays. I had to walk away from some gemstones, minerals, and glass art pieces  - like these.
These little critters kept calling our names. Displayed adorably in old vintage suitcases and trunks, these stuffies are made from old cashmere sweaters - and considering the materials and hand-crafted-ness, were pretty affordable. Jane almost rescued a few friends. I had to stiffen my spine and walk away. My attic is already filled with a flock of stuffed friends.
There were other adorable re-purposed sweaters on display from other vendors at the market. The dress on the left was super cute, with a frilly lightweight skirt added to the top. A very similar scarf to the one one the right made its way home with Jane. The fleece leaves were warm and a season accent to otherwise boring fall coats.

As fun is it to look at the wares, remember to look at the "set decor" too.
Fun buntings
Bestowed with buttons
Finally, we almost missed this display with a vintage sewing machine, bobbins, and sewing table.

It was a really a great day, including a bout of dress up ... with fripperies ... and fascinators.

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