Friday, June 21, 2013

Quote of the Day: love whatever’s in there

One day I hope there's a man I can write about as eloquently as Amanda Palmer writes about her beloved, author Neil Gaiman.

From one of her recent blog posts; grammar, punctuation and caps her own. Only minor edits [ ] from me.

the only thing i want to know completely is the man underneath the books…

and that is a life-long journey that i never hope to finish.


and i don’t want to know him…not totally.

i want to be surprised.
i want to be in awe.

i want to give him my heart.

and i want to take it away sometimes and give it back again….to see what he’ll do.

if it keeps being like this, it’s worth it.

i love him so much…and in such a strange way that’s always so hard to explain.

and because i do, i hope that you can read what i read, and see what i see…


the twilight place where the man and the writer smash into each other and for a second there’s a wrinkle, a schism, where you can jam a stick into the works of the blender and see the whole, floating components of a soul so fragile, so human, and so vulnerable that you must love whatever’s in there, unconditionally, because you have no other option.

~ Amanda Palmer about Neil Gaiman, about The Ocean at the End of the Lane.

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