Sunday, June 30, 2013

Auntie Nettie's Attic Merchandise 2013 - June

June ...

How is it the last day of June already?

Well, I know I was at work for some of it. A few days a week anyway because there were the various Summer Fridays activities and the Miscellaneous Monday meanderings and meditations, but, I know I did other things, like:

~ errands and chores;
~ bills and blogging; 
~ train trips hither thither and yon;
~ annual reviews to talk about the white board of doom and my constant state of self-imposed stress/other issues;

~ dinner with the Ironic Mother  to catch up, discuss all her new ventures, her new book, and to trek to Levain bakery for some ridiculously yummy cookies;

~ there was the evening at Symphony Space with Neil Gaiman and the readings and realizations (a very good wrap-up was done by writer for ; and
 ~ the annual trek to Brooklyn for the staff staff party, which this introvert somehow survived--although the trip back from the borough with the new VP bosslady ALONE on the 2 was slightly painful for me, if also not for her.

It's actually amazing, given all that, that I had any time left to craft.

 But I did!

This month's crafting was inspired by something I saw about two years ago during Summer Streets. In the window of a boutique in Soho(?) I saw a shrug/cardigan made out of these spirals. I wanted to learn how to to do them. I'm still stash-busting, so I worked my way through a skein to figure it out.
 ANA 2013-21: Solo Spiral
(Part of skein of Bernat sparkly baby sport, acrylic)
 One strand could be worn a variety of ways:
 ANA 2013-20: Trio of Connected Spirals
(Part of skein of Bernat sparkly baby sport, acrylic)
I don't quite have the trick of connecting them up, like my inspiration shots, so I'll have to research a pattern, but this one could be worn "regular" or as a slip knot too. 
 Mint green might only work for a kid, or with the right outfit, but it was a practice piece. To be revisited later.

Now that my stash is being reduced, the afghan collection re-bagged for truck/train sales, and my shelves are re-organized, I have very few excuses not to tackle ... you know what ...

This little beauty of a multi-fibred, multi-colored, project that I only started three summer ago.
If I leave it in this position in the middle of my floor long enough, and I have to step over it at least three times a day when I go to and from the air conditioner and t.v., do you think I'll actually start working to finish it?

Only 7 more Summer Fridays to go.

I should deal with the shop too, at some point....

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