Monday, June 17, 2013

Auntie Nettie's Attic Merchandise 2013 - May

May was so chock full of stuff, that I had to separate the usual activities/merchandise/crafting log into two entries. I am trying to figure out when I got anything crafted, but the notes are there, as are the objects.

I did manage to finish two of April's UFOs.

ANA 2013-14: White diamond-pattern crib cover
(1 10.5 oz skein Bernat Baby sport yarn, white, acrylic)
(as of 9/15, no longer available)
ANA 2013-15: Camo colored scarf

But then, in a fit of needing decorations for an event, limited funds, and a goal to work my way through the various stashes of skeins and remnants in my apartment, I started a chain reaction of color work.

Thanks to the blog, Cornflower Blue Studio, I  found a pattern for a simple chain garland, and went a little crazy.

Case in point:
ANA 2013-16, 17, 18, 18: Stash-busting Rainbow and Blue Chains/Scarves
(Misc. remnants of wool, acrylic, polyblends, and Caron White Sport skeins)

 There are actually four different chains there: 3 rainbow and 1 blue-hued.
Each vary slightly on the "ombre" effect depending on what remnants I had left. I think they would make cool scarves too.
So I'm all set if I ever have a party, party space, rainbow float, or a holiday tree that needs decorating-- because these are about 6 feet long - each. Sadly, these didn't use up all my stash ... not one bit. I keep finding balls of stuff. 
Also, sadly, I still haven't finished a certain afghan.There will be more leftover yarn to play with, if I ever finish this thing.

2010: UFO

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