Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Weekends 2012: Signs from Summer Streets

Summer Streets was held again this year. From 7am to 1 pm, the first three Saturdays in August parts of Park Avenue from 72nd Street south to the Brooklyn Bridge are closed to automotive traffic.

It's a good way to explore another part Manhattan. What with my wanderings this summer, I'm finally starting to get a sense of parts of this place from the ground level.

The Saturday I went, I started north of the prescribed area and wandered south from 96th to 14th Street. It was hazy, hot, and oh, so humid, so I wandered alone on the streets aside from runners, dog walkers, doormen, and the bikers out early in the morning until I got to the Grand Central area--when it really started to get crowded.

Along the way, I let the scenery begin to speak to me - and started to see some amazing street signs/urban art.

I was encouraged to write.

I got some new perspectives on the City. (I could have flipped these, but I think a new way of looking at things is a little illuminating once in a while.)

I started looking at utility poles and boxes for little surprises.

The Park Avenue Amory is proud of itself.

Meanwhile ...

The music nerd that I am wants to know more about the metronome.
And I'm starting to see these tags more and more often throughout the City.

I first spotted one of these last year -- now I'm on the lookout all the time.

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