Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Fridays 2012: Throwing Down the Gauntlet

While I was *supposedly* helping out my friend Christine with her mailing, I was also waiting until she left her office so I could get up to some mischief.

What mischief, you ask?

Well, one of Caramoor's educational components involves falconry. Their falconer has been incorporated into the recent Opening Night festivities based around A Midsummer Night's Dream, with a special appearance by Boo, an Eurasian Eagle Owl. The falconer may, or may not, have "accidentally" left some of her gear behind. Can you say Medieval type leather? (I can!) Who doesn't want to play with Medieval type leather? (NOT ME!)

I just basically have an odd sense of humor.

Imagine if you will, an internal monologue, something like this:

Why look! Someone has thrown down the gauntlet!

Challenge Accepted!

The reality is though, that Medieval type leather has to be strong enough to withstand talons. To that end, it is thick. Since the leather is thick, it is stiff, and is molded to the regular falconer's hand. It does not lend itself to normal 21st century office activities. For example: You can't pick up a phone.

Or a water bottle. Or type. Or Tweet.

You can't open the window. All you can do, basically, is point, gesture emphatically, hold your hand out for some taloned avian creature --- or look creepy.

If you look carefully at the fingers you realize that the gloves are still covered with the evidence that Boo had editorial things to say about some of the hoi-polloi (EW *putting the bird-poop covered glove down carefully and stepping back*) as well as some of its feathers.

Therefore SIR, I throw the gauntlet down to challenge YOU not to be distracted and amuse yourself in the middle of a 1500 piece solicitation mailing!

I did mention that perhaps leaving me alone in an Special Events office might have been, um, not such a good idea, didn't I?

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