Sunday, August 26, 2012

Retroblogging 1980: August 26, 1980


I have moved out of Logan. Today is the second day of our trip. Dad went before us because he had to start his new job. Jed and J.J., Grandma [Roa], Mom and me are driving out there. School starts the 2nd of Sectber, the day after Lader day.

Lader Day is an obscure holiday in the month of Sectber.

Sectber being the month where a sect of scholars comes together, decree that we must study ancient texts -- the ones that are stored on the highest shelf of the liberry that can only be accessed by ...

No. Not a traditional ladder.

But a lader.

A climbing apparatus of mythical and mysterious origin.

And to figure all this out,

You must attend school.


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