Sunday, August 12, 2012

Letters from Grandmas/40 Diamonds for 40 extras

Many of the blog entries this summer are due to culling through various materials that my mother had accumulated over the years, moved from Utah to CT, and ultimately, left in my possession when the CT house went on the market and they moved back west.

I've been staring at the Rubbermaid tub of stuff (stuffed animals, accordion files bursting with cards, "art," letters, reports cards, assignments, certificates, pictures, etc.) for over a year and half. I finally started tackling the stash, and have been sorting and sharing.

In doing so, I came across a treasure trove of birthday cards and notes from my aunts, great aunts, and most wonderfully, my grandmothers. I now have additions for the Letters from Grandmas installments, which went up a year or two ago. Touchingly, I have birthday cards that reflect my Grandpa Jack's presence in my life from birth to my 7th birthday.

Since this is my big 40th year, I feel that finding these forgotten gems are little touches from above, to let me know that my 40 Diamonds at 40 birthday wasn't forgotten.

Love you all Grandma Roa, Grandma Ollie J, and Grandpa Jack.


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