Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Shushing Librarian's Botanical Tour of New York - Part Two

My Holiday Tour of New York also included photos of landmarks without me messing them up ... my fabulous blue cast and ensemble distracts from the wonders of the Big Apple.

Highlights include:

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and an AMAZING aerial view of JFK;

unique architectural wonders from around the five boroughs;

the Washington Square Arch; a recreation of the old Penn Station;

the Haupt Conservatory IN the Haupt Conservatory;

the Guggenheim always stands out, no matter the medium;
as does the transit hub of Grand Central;

these views of a bucolic Central Park are giving me ideas for a rustic country get-away, maybe at a riverside Colonial like this one;

who would ever think that these typical New York commuting views could give way
to scenic little Red Lighthouses?

All of this schlepping around New York is exhausting - even for someone wearing sensible shoes, and who has built up her stamina doing laps around the stacks, like me. I had to take a break to soak my toes discreetly in the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Train Tour of New York.
For more information about the Holiday Train Show and the New York Botanical Garden, please go to

Auntie Nettie and I are members. Are you?

Please stay tuned for more of the Amazing Adventures of The Shushing Librarian!

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