Friday, August 26, 2011

Photo of the Day: Hurricane Watch

So Hurricane Irene is rapidly approaching the tri-state area, and New York is a state of Hurricane Watch. I do not live in an evacuation zone, and have stocked up on my water, candles, food, batteries, and other supplies. I have reviewed my Red Cross instructions, as they apply to me. I live in-land, in an apartment up a few stories - luckily not on ground-level. I am not feeling worried. I already know that I will probably be without cable, the internet, and/or power at some point. It is highly highly likely.

I can remember many of the other hurricanes that have been part of my life: Gloria, Bob, Eduoard, Fran, etc. so am not too concerned. This is the first time in recent memory, however, that New York City has voluntarily begun evacuations, and then have also shut down the subway and commuter trains in advance of a storm. They have learned too well at the knees of Katrina, brown-outs, transit strikes, September 11th, and blizzards. The mantra seems to be, better safe than sorry.

Another reason I'm not worried? The LDS emphasis on emergency preparedness and my father's hyper-paranoia about certain supplies. I have owned a crank radio and flashlight for years! While I won't enjoy the inconvenience of no cable/web/power, I will survive. An extended period of time will be trying, but I am a party of a few, with no littles to have to amuse and feed. I'm also one of the "old-fogies" who can entertain herself with ye old book and ye old pen and paper. I also have lots of sorting, filing, and cleaning that can be done by candle light.

In the event of a week-long disaster, or say, the zombie apocalypse ... I may need to stockpile more chocolate and Diet Coke. (Priorities people!)

All there is to do now... is wait ... and watch.

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