Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Shushing Librarian's Botanical Tour of New York - Part One

While Auntie Nettie is busy trying to get her etsy.com shop inventory organized, I thought I would take a moment to give you a tour of my New York, as seen through the prism of the New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train show.

Now normally, I don't get to pose like this, behind the ropes at the exhibitions, but the nice guard at the Haupt Conservatory let me take a photo nestled into the foliage by these townhouses. Then it was off to wander the rail lines to some of the nice real estate - like the Vanderbilt Mansion.

Whoops, I missed my train! That's what happens when you travel into the Big Apple from your rustic log cabin. You have to adjust to a faster rate of life.

Highlights from the trip included stops by the Apollo Theater and Grants Tomb. Just to clarify - the Grants are buried in Grants Tomb. It's not a place where Auntie Nettie's various fund-raising proposals go to die.

I think I need to build a patio like this one on the back of the cabin. Then, I'll borrow some decorating ideas from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I'd like to replicate the Frank Lloyd Wright Living Room, with the moat from the Temple of Dendur, with the courtyard from the Chinese Garden Court.

Some other famous landmarks I saw include the famous Flatiron Building, the Schwartzman Building - the 42nd Street, "main branch" of the New York Public Library with Patience and Fortitude guarding the entrance. I'm planning a whole tour of the library very soon. I need to consult with my colleagues on the best way to shuuuush!

Then I decided to run over to Central Park to tour Belvedere Castle and to stop off by this little gazebo. There were so many places to explore, both in the Park and in the City, I'm going to do another installments of photos, just not with my fuzzy self in them this time.

I know I am a Red Sox fan, but one of my last stops in NYC was at the House that Ruth Built, Yankee Stadium. The roar of the crowd was infectious. What I was really trying to do was to sneak in some Sox Swag, to get the curse going again, but some burly bouncers checked my bag, and then checked me right on out of the ballpark. (See, they even had red pennants up in honor of this Red Sox fan.)

Sadly, my day in the City came too quickly to a close, and it was back over a bridge for this commuter.

Stay tuned for more of my pictures from my NYBG Holiday Train tour of New York.

Until then, please remember to support your local libraries and librarians.

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