Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photos of the Day: Public Service Announcement

Occasionally we will use this blog as a means to further the education of the general public.

Today's entry is a tutorial on how to cross the street while on vacation in parts of Idaho. I would like other municipalities to adopt this street crossing practice. It involves mandatory colorful flags and optional silver-haired crossing guards.

~First, have well marked cross-walks.
~Then, have light poles where you can post instructions and have brackets for,
~the brightly colored flags, which you will use to get drivers' attention.
~Finally, take a traveling tourist, willing to hold up a flag and march into the street, and have her stop vehicular traffic.

Just in case this doesn't work, here are the instructions for your review.

Good luck crossing the street. Look both ways and WATCH OUT!

Taken on the River Trip 2010.

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