Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Butterfly Effect

When you have an hour to kill at night on a train platform, you end up amusing yourself anyway possible ... even at the expense of the carcass of a majestic monarch butterfly.

It was the bright orange and black against the gray that got my attention.
At first I thought it was poised for flight,
but then I realized that its time had past. It was so close to making it to the Botanical Garden. The updraft of the train must have sucked it down and crushed it against the barricade.
Alight for flight, or the reason why Hurricane Irene ended up going from a little storm to a monster?

It's just a matter of perspective.

As I sat there contemplating the mysteries of life, I couldn't get this tune and some of the lyrics out of my head.

Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
by a-ha

Butterfly, butterfly
Flying into the wind
You can be sure of it
That’s no place to begin

Overthinking every little thing
Acknowledge the bell you can’t unring

Tomorrow, you don't have to say what you’re thinking
You don’t have to mean what you say
Butterfly, butterfly

Flutter in to the skies
Butterfly, butterfly,
Their molecular cries

Chrysalis dreams waiting on the fifth in-star
These stained glass wings could only take you so far
You don’t have to say that it matters
You don’t have to turn something in
Stay with it through thick and thin
Butterfly, begin

Butterfly, butterfly

Tomorrow, you don't have to mean what you say
Left without a reason to stay
Comes the last hurrah
Here’s our last hurrah

Butterfly, butterfly,

You can be sure of it


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