Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Adventures of the Shushing Librarian - Fun Fourth Fiesta!

Well hello there. It's me again, The Shushing Librarian. Let me just put my book down, so I can catch you up on things. The library has kept me so busy, I realized I haven't had a chance to tell you what I did for the Fourth of July weekend.

Let me back up a bit, though. You will remember that Christine and Auntie Nettie went to Oheka in the spring? Well, I tagged along on the bus as a way to scope out some real estate.

That door right there? Leads to my three-story suite. (I wish.)

There's Christine, getting away from me. But she did give me a hand later, by inviting me to an upcoming holiday paaaartaaaay!

Vamos ala Fourth of July Fiesta!
When we arrived at the party, preparations were in full gear. How can you celebrate the Fourth of July without an apple pie? I do have to admit that some of the fruit ended up in a sangria mix that hit the spot!

New York is actually an honorary part of New England (well parts of it), so you can't have a party without a clambake. If you'll notice the cooler, you'll see that there was also going to be a bunch of surf and turf at this fiesta, courtesy of Omaha Steaks.

Advice to those with social phobia: Don't clam up!
(I'm looking at you, you know who you are!)

What would a holiday party be without hot dogs, brats, MEAT, and then the obligatory fruit salad for the ladies?

My eyes were bigger than my stomach. I had to quit eating for a bit, and then was tucked in for una pocita siesta en la fiesta.

Don't drink and slide.

Just don't. Trust me. (*shudder*)

Also, don't play on the swing without proper supervision. You'll be out of the frying pan, and into the fire. Speaking of which...

After all that meat and my little nap, I had a craving for something sweet that wasn't fruit. I went begging for a cookie. Rover wouldn't share. However ... SHHHHH Don't tell anyone. I snuck a marshmallow that was meant for the s'mores.

How else can you end an all-American holiday party without some fire-works?

Thanks, as ever, to Christine and her family for including me in their holiday gathering.

Hope you and yours had a happy Fourth of July too.

Stay tuned for more Amazing Adventures of The Shushing Librarian.

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