Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Fridays/Weekends 2011 - Cathedral Daze

Since I will NOT be taking a major multi-state road trip to the MidWest this year, I decided to take advantage of my Summer Fridays to explore different things in the City and take advantage of everything that it has to offer.

One of the cultural destinations on my list was the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, on the north end of the Upper West Side. For many years, (way back, back, back in the day), I worked not far from the Cathedral, but never made it over to explore this unique venue. Known for its architecture, it's also a "civic and community institution whose events and programs, public buildings and spaces have a reach much farther than most churches or cathedrals." Some notable events at the Cathedral include, the annual blessing of the animals, a high wire walk between the naves by famed tightrope walker Phillipe Petit, acting as a gathering place after Sept. 11th, and site of memorial services for such icons as Duke Ellington and George Balanchine.

I mentioned my list of places I wanted to visit during my "staycations" to The Ironic Mother (IM) and she excitedly said she was interesting in going along and bringing the ever adorable Edgy Daughter (ED). The plan was to get up, commute in, to stop in and say hi to the folks at the library where I used to work. Then I would rendezvous with IM and ED and head up for the 11 a.m. tour, then lunch, so the ED could stay on her normal nap schedule. Unfortunately, after the business of my weekend in CT and my lingering cold, I totally overslept! Luckily, the IM found the irony in the adult oversleeping and we met up a little later.

Little Ms. ED got to ride in style as Ms. IM graciously grinned for the camera.

The Cathedral was a lovely cool place to spend a sunny, muggy afternoon. The adorable Ms. ED charmed all of the docents and her fellow explorers as she checked out her surroundings. IM was particularly delighted by how much time ED spent in the Poets' Corner.

After the tour, we took a few moments on the steps to refresh, reflect and refuel, and then Ms. ED was off and climbing up and down and up and down the stairs. What a toddler!


After a bananas, water, and rest, it was time for the grown-ups to find the local Crepes on Columbus for some lunch and dessert.

First though, the ever present debate - Should I have a crepe for lunch or a healthy salad? Salads won the day; refreshing, and healthy, and cool -- A Caramelized Walnut Cooked Apple Salad for IM and a Prosciutto Pesto Caprese Salad for me.

Dessert though was no question! Give me a warm, gooey, oozy Nutella crepe!

Next time, I'm going to have something off the Chocolate Lovers Crepe menu - a choice of three objects with my chocolate or Nutella! Nutella and almonds? No. Nutella and marshmallow? No. Nutella and almonds? Walnuts? Coconut? Caramel? What to choose!???? Too many choices.

I'm am so glad that IM, ED and I got to spend the afternoon together. Now that IM is no longer at the Big J, and moving to Columbus, Ohio, our friendship will have to be "virtual" for a bit.

So long, my friend. I miss you. Keep posting!

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The Ironic Mother said...

What a great post! I'm so glad you captured our outing so well. We're getting settled and the Internets are up and running, so I can't wait to read more!