Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Fridays/Weekends 2011 - Branching out to Folk Art

It only seems fitting that after a day of looking at crafts, that we head over to the Branch of the American Folk Art Museum to look at crafts of another sort.

The Branch at Lincoln Square is the home to the 9/11 National Tribute Quilt, with its personalized squares in memory of the victims of that tragic day. If you peer at the quilt long enough, you start to recognize some important names and messages.

The lobby is also home to the gift shop, the brochure displays, and this lovely lady.

I forget that quilting, especially the types of quilting that I grew up with, isn't common in international cultures on quite the same level. R--- is from China originally, and seemed fascinated as I was pointing out patterns within patterns, describing techniques, and pointing out the "hidden" patterns that "fancy up" some of the plainer quilts. Thanks Grandma, Aunties, and Grandmary. You make me appear to know stuff. Of course, these were some of the super stars of the Folk Art Collections. Maybe you can see why.

Sadly, the Folk Art Museum is consolidating and relocating after some bond issues, so the entirety of the collection will have to be warehoused for a while. The space at the Branch is smaller, but effective, so it will be fun to pop over from time to time to see the rotating exhibitions.

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