Monday, May 16, 2011

Forays with Friends: Oheka Castle April 2011

It is not often that I am able to offer my friends something as lovely and as wonderful as they can offer me. Take my friend Christine, for example. Thanks to her, The Shushing Librarian and I have had adventures in Newport, Montauk, the Cape, and stalking - er- attending a-ha.

I know that friendship is not a series of keeping track, evening the score, or checks and balances, but sometimes you just want to try and keep the karma in line.

As one of the benefits of membership in the New York Botanical Gardens, I get offers about special classes, trips, and other special insider treats. One day, an outing caught my eye.
Oheka Castle!

This may or may not be the actual e-mail conversation in which two grown, responsible women colluded in playing hooky from their jobs:

AN: "Can I entice you play hooky ... to go to Oheka?"
CB: "COOL! I've never been there but have always wanted to check it out. ... I have to laugh about the date...again two days before the Cabaret benefit. LET'S DO IT!"
AN: "But wait .. you are agreeing to play hooky with me .. before the CABARET? REALLY!? Well -- hot damn. Seriously?"
CB: "Sure...why not? I'm allowed a personal day."
AN: !!!! (with dawning realization) HOLY COW! I finally corrupted her -- A special events person, right before her special event ... for a special event!

I never thought that it would actually happen, me finally being able to treat Christine to something, even if it was a day trip in the middle of the week. The months, weeks, and days passed so slowly until the morning of the trip.

Unfortunately the morning and early afternoon weather was ... awful. Not surprisingly for one of our forays, it rained. Heck, there were dogs and cats, poodles and wet rats, and the occasional flying monkey. Why were we surprised? It rained when we went to Montauk. It was a near nor'easter the weekend we went to the Cape. It has POURED on many a Gala and Festival concert that we have worked, so we're used to natural disasters. (We'll work on the transportation issues later.)

Not unexpectedly, aside from our counterpart in the NYBG Membership Office (hi and thanks Melanie!) we were the youngest people on the trip. It was a workday midweek, and we are not independently wealthy -- to our chagrin.

We talked and talked and talked all the way down, and all the way back. I'm sure we annoyed some folks on the bus. Too bad.

Oheka was lovely. So so lovely. My pictures don't do it justice. These first 8 photos are some of the best shots, just some snaps of some things I would like in my future abode: a grand entrance, landscaping, gardens with child-friendly swings, a private balcony patio, and lots and lots of swagging and crystals.

Christine on the bus and the bus

Front Sign and Tennis Court/Landing pad?

This is the only shot where I have "ghosts" in the entrance hall.
View from the garden

View from the Gardens

Views in the Library

View from some of the rooms/in the rooms

Dining Room with "Tea" for Visitors

Exterior Entrance to Indoor Lap Pool

Exterior Shots

After our tour of the Castle, tea at high noon, and the trip back to the Gardens, we spend the rest of the day leisurely exploring the Conservatory, having a yummy lunch in the Garden Cafe, and doing a bit of Christmas shopping. (Yep, I have finished my office Christmas shopping! Scary, no?)

The skies finally cleared as we made plans to play hooky later - perhaps some time when it was guaranteed to be dry and sunny. What else might or might not have been discussed, gossiped about, or plotted is never to be discussed under a codicil of the Game Night Holy Oath!

Thanks for playing hooky with me Christine. You are the best!

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CRBosco321 said...

My Friend! As always, we have the best times together, despite me missing my train stop and the soggy weather. One must never forget the importance of having a little down-time scheduled every once in awhile, especially with an awesome friend! Thank you again for treating me to a lovely day.