Sunday, May 1, 2011

March for Babies: Maddie is why it matters

Today I am honored to be participating in my first fund-raising charity walks, for the March of Dime's March for Babies.

I am inspired by the legacy and memory of a wonderful little sprite of a spirit, Maddie Spohr.

In 2009, just three weeks after her unexpected passing, her parents courageously spoke about how much the March of Dimes had helped them through Maddie's gestation and early days as a preemie.

Originally posted by Heather and Mike Spohr here.

How can you not be inspired by their story, and those of the other families assisted by the March of Dimes? I have contributed in the past to the Spohrs' family team, but this year was motivated to do something of my own.

With thanks to the following family, friends, and colleagues for helping me exceed my personal and Auntie Nettie's Angels team fund-raising goal of $390. Thanks to them, I was proud to add $615 to the March for Babies efforts.

Grandmary ~ Grumpa Max
Alex A. ~ Alithia D.
Barli N. ~ Christine B.
Daniel F. ~ David G.
Jane M. ~ Jenn W.
Jonah E. ~ Lindsey P.
Lisa R. ~ Lori P.
Martha S. ~ Michelle K.
Susan S. ~ Tammy B.
Terence K. ~ Tim G.
Tori B. ~ Vanessa W. ~ Yisset G.

Look for pictures from the March very soon.

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