Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Auntie Nettie and I'm an Anglophile!

Somewhere across the seas, in a far away land,
there surely must be a run on peach blossoms...
for romance is in the air.The candied almonds are lain out in dishes for the guests,
and ginger-haired groomsmen are calming last minute nerves
with wafers or some chocolate.

The man who would be king is about to marry his college sweetheart.
If you have a marriage half as strong or long as your grandparents',
you'll be doing well.

With best wishes to the royal newlyweds and Long live the Queen!

Oh yes, I'm watching .. every single bit, even if the coverage is "canned."

Vintage tins courtesy of Cabot's Taffys in Provincetown, MA, c. October 2010

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