Monday, April 11, 2011

Day in the Life of The Shushing Librarian - Part 1

Hey there. It's me again, The Shushing Librarian.

Auntie Nettie and I were talking the other day. Well, I was talking ... she was sneezing and hacking, and was "uh-huh-ing" me between blowing her nose. I took that to mean that I could hijack the blog for a bit while she was under the weather.

It's been fun guest posting over here from time to time. I've had quite the adventures, haven't I? I've been all over the country, reviewing concerts, and hotel accommodations, but it occurs to me, you have no idea what a typical day or couple of days might be like for me ...

So, without further ado, won't you come along with me on A Day in the Life of The Shushing Librarian!

Welcome to my abode, a non-descript, humble rental in an undisclosed location...
My day starts out just like most peoples' - at the coffee machine, breathlessly waiting for that first cup of joe to get the old noggin going.
Breakfast varies. Usually it's some carbs - like bagels, or a slice of cinnamon bread that's been in the freezer since one of my trips. This one is from Great Harvest Bread.
Protein is also a must. Today I did a big fry-up of some sausage, to eat and then to keep in the fridge. It's good to have some to wrap in some toast and dash out the door, or to chop up for an omlette if I have time.
After breakfast, reading the papers (on-line and in hard-copy), and a shower, it's back to the bureau to figure out what to wear.
Who are we kidding!? I know what I'm going to wear. That never changes. (One day I might upgrade to the red suit, but I like the blue. I'm old-fashioned and "classic" that way.)

It's more like what do I want to accessorize my blue suit with? Which bling will it be?
I'm also partial to this lacey option, but alas, it is a bit chunky for a regular work day. After much deliberation, I usually just keep it simple and don't accessorize at all.
By this point, I'm usually running late - so I dash out to the garage and jump in my ride. I know what you're thinking ... this isn't what you'd picture me driving. I need the all-terrain access, however. There was a lot of snow this winter, and I never know where I'll end up sometimes. I go where the information takes me.
I'm also a "bridge and tunnel" commuter, meaning ... well, it's fairly obvious, isn't it? I have to go over the bridge to get to the ...
Lest you complain that I am not being "green" enough, I do have a bike, and if work was closer, I would ride my very princessy pink be-tassled bike to the office. It's difficult in this ensemble though. There is no kick-pleat in my skirt.
My office hours vary. I'm not a 9-5 gal. The library is open on nights and weekends, and I have to swing my hours to cover some of them. It's a little difficult to get into a routine, but it does make it easier to get appointments and not have to deal with taking off personal hours/days.

On this particular day, I had a dental appointment. Even Shushing Librarians have to make sure that everything is good in dental land. You don't want to shush and have embarrassing halitosis due to poor oral hygiene.

Before my appointment, the office manager let me peak into other rooms to see what was going on ... All in the name of information gathering, you know.
This guy is good, if not a little stiff and steely.No goofing around here with the laughing gas. This dentist gets right down to the nuts and bolts of his profession.
Whoops. Now it's my turn. No pictures during my appointment, please.
You'll be pleased to know that I got a clean bill of health; no cavities and no gum disease -- Just an annoying habit of trying to ask questions while they were trying to scrap my teeth. Sorry. Occupational hazard.

My morning just about gone, and it getting to be time to report for duty, I grabbed lunch on the go. Dos carne asada tacos, por favor -- from one joint and
a Sonic Cranberry Limeaid, from another joint.
Lunch done. It's time to SADDLE UP!
Stay tuned for more installments of The Day in the Life of The Shushing Librarian!

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