Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Grandmary/Mom!

Time certainly does fly by -- especially when you don't have access to all the family photo albums ...

You survived your terrible twos, the troublesome teens, the early years of marriage, parenthood, and the the terrible twos/threes/fours, etc, and troublesome teen years of your own kids.

Sadly, our teens, driving records, and high school experiences contributed to premature graying, but you still seemed to smile... most of the time.
No matter the distance or technology, you did your best to keep all the relatives in touch.
When it all got to be too much, you had your escapes to go to; New York City (the real one and the fake one in Las Vegas) and Cape Cod.
You were always up for an adventure, even if it wasn't your cup of tea, (Aren't you glad I dragged you to the Liberace Museum before it closed!?)
and you were always proud of our accomplishments -- especially after many trials and tribulations.
You taught us all to embrace learning of all kinds - supporting Dad in his higher education, taking classes of your own, and delighting in our many degrees (of insanity).
As the oldest of your generation, you continue to be a niece,
"senior" cousin to 35 other first cousins on your maternal side,
and niece/cousin/connection to your paternal side.
I'm so glad that you and Dad are finally "retired," to be those hands-on grandparents you've wanted to be for so long.

Keep on instilling that love of reading to the next generation (like you did with us),
teasing, tickling, and tumbling the kids through loving embraces (like you did with us), and imparting advice, both verbal and non-verbal to all of us. You know we need it.
Happy Birthday!
We love you.

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