Friday, April 8, 2011

Infinite Variety: Red & White Quilts, Part 2

Many of these quilts were for personal use, but many were also created as fund raisers.

The Red Cross one featured first (down below) was pieced together during WWI, by a New York Westchester/Newburgh chapter of enterprising young quilters. Squares had a variety of messages -- but this one caught my eye: (Pardon the blur of a badly zoomed photo)

I am sorry I made you cry.

If that doesn't get you ...

Maybe the baby blanket will?

How about the message from a mother, for a child's marital bed? (um? ew?!)

Or the ingenuity of a quilter who embroidered over flour sacks to piece together into a stunning quilt?

So stunning. So amazing. So inspiring. And we only saw part of her entire collection? Goodness.

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