Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Fridays/Weekends 2011 - Bridal Showers

The centerpiece of my CT weekend was a bridal shower for a Caramoor Pal, Ms. Linds. She grew up not far down the CT road from my hometown. Her aunt ended up hosting the shower at her home, about 20 minutes away. Since it was so close to "home," it make it convenient for my weekend, and for the rest of the Caramoor gang to meet up with me there and then head over the shower.

As is inevitable these days, the shower had a theme - high heels. I inquired of the hostess what this meant; do we wear the heels? bring a pair to swap? bring a new pair for the bride? I was told that some of the shower games would involve "your favorite pair of heels." Now, I am not a graceful person. I would rather be barefoot. I don't own a favorite pair of heels. I hate all of my fancy heeled work shoes, with a passion. I don't believe I have a heel gene in my body. I would rather be barefoot. Are you sensing a theme? I knew I would need some footwear for the party.

I had seen this book at the Botanical Gardens, and while it fit the theme, it wasn't worth investing in a gift for a bride who doesn't exactly have a green thumb. I was out shopping for part of my shower gift when I stumbled across these beauties in the shoe section of my local T.J. Maxx. Plus, they were in my size, my color, and within my Maxx-inista price-range.

Who would EVER suspect that they were mine? 5 inch platform glitter highest of high heels! I had to grab them. Misdirection is excellent when it comes to shower games. I can hardly stand in them, and can't walk unassisted (seriously, it's like walking on stilts), but I figured I could gift them to someone, resell them, return them, or donate them to a streetwalker, um, or an actress or something.

The day of the shower was beautiful. I, unfortunately, was feeling wretched. I had no voice at all, and was sucking down Chloraseptics like they were candy. I had to ask my friends to act as my interpreters, so people would know that I wasn't shaking hands or talking so as to not pass along germs.

The bridesmaids, family, and friends did a lovely job of decorating along the theme, and in keeping that Ms. Linds is a very girly girl.

Yes, the cucumber sandwiches were cut to be like high heels. The handmade cupcakes had little chocolate molds of shoes on them. Note how the color of the candy shoes coordinate with the fuchsia of the color scheme.

Here are my friends Christine and Amelia, who will be annoyed that I included these oh, so flattering shots.

The person of the hour, Ms. Linds.

After some eats, introductions, and trivia games about the bride and groom, we adjourned indoors to unwrap presents. About mid-way through the loot, it was time to play "Guess whose shoes are who's?" Can you spot the ringer in the mix?

I am proud to say that of course she was attracted to the gigantic glitter shoes first, and that she couldn't figure out who they belonged to. I also have to say that they hurt my feet even when I was sitting down! That is not a position that my feet have ever been in.

Here's Linds ripping into the loot, surrounded by her slightly hung-over bridesmaids. There was a whole weekend of bridal activity - the night before was a martini crawl/casino crawl/bachelorette party. (I think I enjoyed my soccer game more than what they were doing!)

Because I was so infectious, I sat at the back of the room. I had a great view of the guests. I wish I had brought a project to work on, like Alithia here. She's working on a sweater for Christmas for one of her boys. She got a lot of the ribbing done that day, between the commute from NY to CT, and then the shower.

It was a wonderful weekend to start off my summer. As a bonus, I'm pretty sure I didn't pick up e coli on this trip, but it still may be too soon to tell! (I did eat at the GoldenArches once on the road, and regretted that decision the rest of the weekend.)

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