Thursday, June 23, 2011

Photos of the Day: Crossroads, Making Tracks

One of the things that I was going to do while I was in Connecticut earlier this month was to think about the fact that I feel like I'm either at, or coming up to, a crossroads. I needed to do some thinking, something along the lines of: Maybe it's time to make tracks, maybe it's not. Maybe I just need(ed) a break away from the City? Maybe I need ... something? Who knew? Who knows? I don't know.

As I've mentioned, my schedule got a bit hectic, so the only crossroads I had time to think about were these.

For many years, when ever I've been up in my old stomping grounds, I've had reason to drive down a quaint country road, over the river and through the woods, to Jennifer's house. One of the prominent landmarks on this road is The Yellow House on the Corner by the Train Tracks.

It's been years, and years, and I have never taken the time to stop.

Since I was at a personal crossroads, I thought I better check these out. A quick glance up and down the tracks in either directions. No sightings of security. No one asking for a ticket. Not a busy train line, so need to fear for an unexpected arrival. No fear of a Canadian Cartoon Villain trying to tie me up.


This is as far on- or off-track as I got.

Still at a crossroads.
Still riding my usual train.
Still looking for the right mile markers to help me find my way.

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