Sunday, June 26, 2011

Auntie Nettie's Attic Merchandise 2011 - June

Another month, another small amount of crafting output. I couldn't figure out why there wasn't a lot to show for it, but then I remembered that I've been out and about and on the town.

You've seen the posts about the CT weekend, but I've also been out:

~exploring New York and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine with the Ironic Mother and her adorable daughter, Ms E.D. (posts to come);
~ there was the Big J Gala evening of The Tempest, with the highlight of one of my favorite Shakespearean actors, Sir Derek Jacobi;
~ farewell parties for former Big J colleagues;
~ long lunches at Carmines with former library colleagues, followed by wandering down NYC sidewalks;
~ trips in the rain to the New York Botanical Gardens (posts ongoing);
~a day exploring the Craft Show at Lincoln Center with a colleague and a visit to the Branch of the Folk Art Museum (posts to come);
~attending a reading at the 92nd Street Y by the excellent awesome irreverent author, Neil Gaiman (which rocked);
~ a day at The Metropolitan Museum of Art with former Caramoor pal, Michelle (posts to come);
~a weekend up at Caramoor helping with preparations for the Opening Night Gala, which I also attended (posts to come!).

No WONDER I didn't get more done. I did manage to finish the following:

ANA 2011-26: Small Chenille Polar Bear
(no photo, but much like ANA 2011-25, with the same materials)

ANA 2011-27: Roly Poly Panda Bear
(no photo, but much like ANA 2010-151)

Still in progress:
2010: Multi-fiber chevron blanket
2011: Potential Mobile of Hearts (created as part of ANA 2011-08 group),
Fancy Blue Scarf
Blue Diamond Crib Cover
Pink Diamond Crib Cover

As ever, if you see anything you'd like, just contact me for sizes, availability, and costs.

Maybe I need to spend a long weekend just hanging out in the attic and crafting to finish up all these projects?

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