Monday, June 13, 2011

Photos of the Day: This is just MEAN!

From time to time, the MTA decides to try and glean extra revenue by having the Times Square shuttle(s) wrapped in advertising. The interior and exteriors of the cars are shrink wrapped for travel campaigns or other marketing pushes. Some of these are better than others - in design, content, and/or timing. For example, the Lady Gaga new album campaign that's encasing one of the shuttles right now, is rather ... um ... disturbing. Thank goodness there is no audio component to the inset television screens.

For the most part, I like the travel campaigns best. It's like a 3 minute get-away. The Norway and Iceland travel campaigns during the height of the summer heat were refreshing and yet mean, all at the same time.

Like this recent campaign from Brazil - not long after the incessant winter storms.

My little cell phone camera came in handy for these quickie shots.

(What is Brazil calling me, exactly?)

Please stand clear of the closing doors.
This exit does not lead to sand and surf. Brazil is just messing around with you. Life's not a ball, or a beach.
And to just taunt you further, you are going to be subjected to subliminal messages about carnival, Rio, Ipanema, and other Brazilian delights, while you have to deal with winter blahs, summer rains, and the gritty, grimy mess that is your commute.
Brazil is calling you. Celebrate life .. you poor schmuck of a commuter.

Have a nice day!


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