Thursday, June 2, 2011

Food for Thought: It's Vacation Time!

I'm taking off for a few days, but I thought I'd leave you with some eye candy and some food for thought.
Menu Page from Connor's Cafe, near Burley, Idaho, c. August 2010
Connor's Cafe as seen from the highway at high speeds, c. August 2010
I cannot adequately describe the scene at the Cafe, (farmers, truckers, and locals, oh my!) but the food! The food tasted as good as this looks. My fried chicken was awesome, and the baked Idaho potato - IN IDAHO - was flaky goodness: hot, steamy, dripping with butter and salt and pepper. So good.

The rolls were also delicious. I could have eaten just the rolls -- about a dozen of them. I exerted some self control, however, and saved mine for dessert - with a little jelly.

Grandmary tried to make us feel guilty by ordering a salad - but look at the size of that chef salad! You can't be too health conscious with all of those toppings. Grumpa Max solicited the recommendations of other diners and ordered a special not on the menu. I think it was called the Hangover Buster -- a scramble with potatoes, meat, peppers, onions, and cheese, that even the hardened truckers and farmers couldn't manage to finish.

There was supposed to be pie. Connor's is known for pie. There were signs about pie. I started salivating about pie, and I don't even LIKE pie that much. Sadly, we pulled in too late, and the waitress was pretty much "done" with working andthen forgot to ask us if we wanted any. I was pretty carbed out though, (corn is considered a vegetable, not a grain, in these locales), so it was just as well.

Sadly, on this long weekend getaway, I will not be getting this kind of food, but with three dinner appointments and a brunch scheduled, not to mention a bridal shower, I won't go hungry for company, laughter, and nourishment for body and soul.

Back later. Stay tuned.

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