Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Place: Where to hang my hat

Obviously I've been a bit behind on posting lately ...

It's been a bit hard to balance* everything, and I'm falling short of the mark.
Luckily, my darling dear friend Christine called late in the week with a spur of the moment remedy to keep up both from being so crabby. (Be free Mr. Crab - go back to the water!)
An overnight trip out to the North Fork of Long Island ... the very first day at the Orient Beach State Park was opened for the season. Aside from a Girls Scout jamboree and the gulls, we pretty much had the rocky, shell-y, Sandy-shorn and shaped beach to ourselves.
Thanks Christine. I needed to hang my hat up for a while and have a change of scenery and sensations.

*It's hard to take a self portrait while balancing on someone's former porch beam, hold a bag, hold your hat, hold your sweater closed, and take a photo in the wind.

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