Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

 Happy Birthday Mom!

Doesn't it just seem like yesterday that you were this tiny and
 taking this big step to create your own family tree?
Oh wait. What? You don't want me to remind you of that? 
Or take a picture of you with your mouth full of a Frosty-like substance?
Which is it? Both?
Tough. I'm not sorry.
Because it's so FUN to document these little candid moments of your life for your progeny.
 Like: When you were "keeping an eye on the rolls so they don't burn" or 
"I'm just HELPING! You spelled that wrong. Again."
 I KNOW your mother taught you not to point ... because you CONSTANTLY told us not to point.
(Oh, it's a mule deer -- off there in the distance in Zion National Park. Well ... it's still not okay.)
Kids ... DON'T POINT! This is my point.
 It's better to be a listener and a friend, especially on trail walks through national parks.
I always enjoy seeing you be the Grandmary - which ever way you can. 
In person, on trips, or even over Skype. 
I'm so happy you love all your grandkids.
I hope you got to snuggle with the littles in Idaho this last little bit,
just like you got to snuggle with the twins when they were still teeny.
 Those babies surely do have you wrapped around their once little tiny fingers.

 So I wish you a very happy birthday - on the road once again. 
Safe travels, check in when you can, don't drive distracted, or sleepy. 
Stop every once in a while and let Dad out for a pit stop.

And my apologies ... your gift is ... um ... somewhere in the mail. 
And, well, it is probably "what's in the box."*

Wishing you lots of love,
and a very Happy Birthday.

xo ME!

*Inside family joke - to eventually be carved on Dad's footstone.

Pictures from trips out West  December 2012/January 2013

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