Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lake Life: Devo Does a Thing

At one of our Development ("Devo") Department retreats earlier this year, we made a slew of goals to try and achieve this year. In addition to working on things like fund-raising dollar amounts, there were personal and professional goals in a variety of categories. (Communication/Outreach/Professional Development, etc.)

One of these things was:


It didn't have to be work related. It didn't have to be serious. The goal was just: DEVO DOES A THING.

We finally settled on ... playing hooky and going to a beach.

FORTUNATELY, one of our lovely teammates lives in a gated lake community in CT, not too far from the office.
Thank you, Karla, for introducing us to Lake Waubeeka and hosting us. Not to mention leading the canoeing expedition.

Thank you, Mother Nature, for cooperating, not raining (though we need it), and for being comfortably non-humid and in the low 80s, with a slight breeze. (Sunscreen and shade were important. It was cool and cloudy enough to forget about the burn factor. Whoops.)

Thank you, ladies, for your wonderful array of snacks that overflowed on the picnic table and kept us munching for the entire time we were there. Yes, we bring gourmet salads to the beach to be dressed. We're fancy like that.

Thank you, Lake Waubeeka association members, for the CLEANEST Porta Potties I've ever used.

Thank you, Alex, for carpooling and carting my stuff around for an entire weekend. (I promised no photos.)

Thank you, other beach goers, for ignoring the group of yakking ladies sprawled over half of your beach and the fact that we didn't share our copious foods. (These photos were taken right at 10a.m. when we arrived, before the other regulars arrived and had to regroup.)

It was a wonderful day of hooky. Going back to the office tomorrow is going to be hard. This was my desk today. Sigh.

Lake Life = life goals

~photos by iTouch

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