Monday, August 3, 2015

Update: Kute Kids 'Kaus - Idaho Crew

With thanks to Grumpa for grabbing these off the sib's social media, so I can collect them and share all at once:

May 2015

Quoth Christina: Finally got the fire pit out for the summer! The kids actually ate the s'mores this year.
June 2015

Visiting Utah to hang out with their cousins from Heber and maternal grandparents
A rarity in our family, but not in others, a gathering of the maternal family tree and branches

Quoth Christina: Fun times at the science center today!
 Pool time!
 Quoth Christina: They wanted to all sleep together!

July 2015

Quoth Grumpa? Christina?: Dad is away to cheese head paddlesports convention so mice will play.
Splash pad fun times
Quoth Christina: We had a great time bowling today! 
We were even lucky enough to have Grandpa Ben and Grandma Virginia with us too!
  Quoth Grumpa: Christina posted the following pictures from their day at the park and lake Friday. 
J took a day off work and headed the family off for a day together.
Quoth Christina: We had a beautiful day playing in Coeur D’Alene.
It's been 1 year, 5 months, a few weeks, and a handful of days since I've seen this crew in person. 
In two days I will FINALLY be on my way to see them.

I can't wait. But I am SO SO SO tired!

Festival Fatigue is real.

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