Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Harvest Season 2015

Harvest Time and everything is coming up RED. It's tomato time in the office garden. And other things.

Last year, the zucchini plants were home to a toad. This year, I found that the garden was home to ... older things.

Little did I realize when I went to harvest the tomatoes that I was actually a fossil hunter as well.

I give myself about 20-30 minutes every other morning or so, OR as fast as I can fill up a bucket or two.

This is what the crop looked like this morning spread out to air ripen and for people to take home. (Some of the larger tomatoes were from yesterday's bucket. And can you spot the dino?)

Yesterday it was: 1 person, 1 pail, 2 spiders, 2 crates, 30 minutes in the office garden for a tableful abudanza of veggies. 1 zucchini=5lbs
 Zucchinis to scale*
 Cucumbers to scale

* I made a LOT of zucchini baked treats for the Box Office kids this summer.
They never did believe me that there was zucchini in the chocolate cakes.

Earlier this summer, we had kale and lettuce, not to mention herbs,
 which we used for garnishes, kale chips, salads, etc.

We've also had beans, peppers, egg plants, and squash.
I would have picked more that day, but I was in a dress, it was hotter than blazes, and those beans STICK to you if you aren't watching. (Harvesting in a Festival dress = not a good idea.)

 There are also pots of things scattered around offices and porches.

FORESTS of Fennel

Plus the wild stuff.

What do you do when someone hands you a cup full of wild backyard raspberries? You make mini lemon raspberry muffins to share.

Pardon me -- it's time for dinner: A BLT with an office grown tomato OR (call me Mistress of the Obvious, why didn't I think of this earlier this summer?) an adult sized, dinner sized Cucumber Sandwich.

Note: Too bad there were no pumpkins planted this year.These were spotted back in 2013.
 Outside the HR office. No word on whether there was a Carve your Complaint into this Pumpkin contest.

~photos by iTouch

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