Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beethoven on Deck

Where are we on transporter technology? Because not only would I live elsewhere (like near a beach/water) and not have to worry about my commute, and be closer to the nieces and nephews, I would be able to attend the activities my extended circle of "honorary" nieces and nephews.

Today in St. Chuck, Kari's Krew is performing Beethoven on the Deck as the Catalpa Trio of chamber musicians.

I am BUMMED I can't be there. Those girlies are so lucky -- for a variety of reasons.

I came to chamber music at the end of my formal training. Things were different when I taking lessons. It was more about solo tracks, and not what is now known formally as "Collaborative Piano" - chamber music, training on how to be a equal chamber music partner, and even training on how to be a 'real' chorus, ballet, or rehearsal pianist for theatricals. I picked up a lot on the "job" at church and high schoo chorus/pitl, but there was a lot I didn't know. I know for a fact that some orchestral directors had negative things to say about my playing when I worked with instrumentalists, but they didn't know that *I* didn't know what to do. I was working with what I knew - and the fact that I was highly uncomfortable? (Well, that's another story.) When I played for vocal auditions at UCONN for some regional competitions or auditions, some of those adjudicators and coaches were kind enough to give me some feedback, in the middle of the singers' auditions. (Sorry!) It wasn't until I got to college when I REALLY got chamber instructions - and I have to thank my fellow TRIO NON SACRA* cohorts, Jane and Kristin, for putting up with me -- and Dr. B, Dr. C, and Dr. LaM.


Thanks to social media, I can get glimpses of what the girlies are up to as part of their youth symphony orchestra and in rehearsal. (Not to mention have actual SM interactions with them and now play I spy with parental units. (BECAUSE I MISS THEM. NOT IN A CREEPER WAY!)

Thanks to WQXR's swag from Opening Night -- Beethoven's Ode to Joy - I sent along my love and a semi-permanent reminder that I am there in spirit, if not body.

Break a leg, girlies! Have FUN!
*Unholy Trio

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