Friday, February 14, 2014

Birthdays and Valentine's Day

Usually my birthday tradition involves some sort of "sick" day or personal day, but this year Mother Nature gave me an extra present. We seem to be in a winter pattern not seen in about 20 years - or what winters used to be: snow about every other day, a precipitation mix that lasts about 12 hours and sees sleet, freezing rain, snow, white out conditions, slush, ice and temperatures that cause snow to fall while the icicles melt - and then just as quickly freeze.

Or you know, a typical nor'easter.

In ye olde days, this would be a true SNOW DAY: a day free from work responsibilities, a day to watch movies, read a book, or hang out. (If you had a car or property it would involve snow removal. Blessed be the poor aka Nettie, for doth she have neither of these?) In ye new technology days, this means working from home, conference calls on Bluetooths, email, .pdfs, and "track changes/insert comments."
Still, it was a most excellent day - to work, take phone calls, listen to voice-mails sung in 5-part harmonies, and get well-wishes... and open presents.

Me thinks my friend Jenn hath heard the tales of my people one too many times. Forsooth, it came to pass that some of Nettie's present came hidden in this box. As in ... "I hope it's not what's in the..."

I started to laugh, but had to stifle it, in case it actually was. Friends make sure that their friends are of the "regular" variety and all. I mean, Jenn and I are "not normal," but ...

My Valentine's Day also start off treat: I got to sleep in. The snow was bad enough to alter train schedules and cause a late opening.

Sleep. Sweet Sleep. 
YOU are my true love. YOU hold the key to my heart.
Hearts by 'Cupid' for various colleagues

Scenes from the commute:
Still life: Shadows and Shovels

Snow is so deep, it covers the Arts for Transit at Hartsdale
Guess I'm not sitting there to wait for my ride!
Despite the snow, doesn't the Rosen House look happy to have people on the property?
Caramoor Rosen House

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