Thursday, February 6, 2014

Photo of the Week: Sno Much Snow

Scenic view of Bronx River from train station window earlier this week.

Someone was half joking, after the snow on Monday, icy snow mix Wednesday, and freeze today and tomorrow, that this winter was a marketing ploy from Disney for the movie, Frozen.

We are not amused, but I am grateful to be easing into the new job at the old/new place. Monday I left at 3/snow. Tuesday I left at 4/ ride and train meeting. Wednesday/ work at home due to snow. Today was first 8:30 to 5 day and I was in meetings most of it.

I still am surprised how welcoming and happy everyone seems to be that I am back. Such a 180 from where I was. I keep looking around for the cameras and someone from PUNK'D.

It's a lot to dive into.

Maybe there will be more snow/work at home days?


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