Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hi(gh)! It's almost your Happy Birthday!

 Why do I feel like someone is watching me?

It was about nine years ago about this time, the week around my birthday, when a delivery man showed up at my place of work and gave me a present - blue legal papers saying I was being sued for $5.5million. So you can understand why I am a bit paranoid when people show up at my place of employment with a delivery directed to whatever butchered version of my name they can stumble over.

Flash forward to yesterday around lunch, when I ran over to the building with the fridge holding my leftovers and ...
a deliveryman stumbled over a version of my name - holding these.

Believe me. I have checked and doublechecked and then verified it with them. Thanks Mom & Dad.
We all look forward to seeing how long these hold up - and them re-appropriating some of the helium for some antics. If they don't set off the motion detectors first ...

photos by iTouch

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