Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Eighth Birthday Ms. Amber!

Happy Birthday....

Can you look up from your book for a minute?!
(Yes, you may jump up and down now and celebrate!)
I think this is "jazz hands."
 And we lost her again ...

So I'll just continue.

 I should be so proud that she falls down into the words of a book no matter where we are.
Like here, in the book aisle of Walmart while we wait for her Mom to run an errand.
 (Actually, I'm proud of all three of them in this case. 
Just told them it was like the library and we were just browsing.)

Speaking of the library. Amber's a niece after my own heart. 
She was so proud that she has her own library card and can pick out her own stack of library books. 
Since she can only take out a limited amount at a time, this takes a bit of deliberation.

I'm so glad that she's growing and learning and exploring all that Idaho has to offer. 
It's so wonderful to see some of my childhood outings replicated (slightly differently) in her new home. 
From UCONN's dairy bar and now at the University of Washington where you can see the cheese making on some days, and the ice cream on others.  
 You can sample the ice cream year round. And it is good.

 Let's see if I can get her to stop this time ... 

Hey Amber!
 Yes?                                                   Smile!
  Well, stop a minute and pose.
So - yeah. That's a face.

With this one, you have to grab the opportunities you can while she is standing still OR not reading. 

It's either one or other. Full forward momentum or total immersion in the world of the word.

So you take the shot. 
Even if that means it's the moment when you are the bottom of the pile of giggling nieces and nephews 
and they are holding you captive. 
(Which they do. They have my heart.) 
You get strange perspectives. 
Of pretty "puppy" feet. Oh my, she's going to be a tall one.

My Amber.
I'm so amazed at how fast the time has gone. 
You were just a bitty thing and now you are turning eight. 
With all that that means. 
Third grade. The school bus. Library cards. Church milestones. 
Just this afternoon, while we were on Skype,
 I could see the shadow of the lovely handful of a teenager you will be - and the wonderful adult. 

Don't grow up too fast. Be a little girl a bit longer.
Cuddle up with me.
Hold my hand while we are on walks.
Look forward to my visits. 

Treasure these times with your sister
 and your little pirate brother.

Trust me. From one older sister to another. The time passes too quickly.

Until I can see you later this week, HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.

All my love,
Auntie Nettie

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