Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recipes from Grandma -- Great Grandma Lula

Dipping back into family cookbooks, we visit Grandma Roa's side of the family once again. According to my mother, who consulted with Roa's sister Flora, this is my great-grandmother's recipe for Face Power. (To clarify: my grandmother Roa's mother.) It is presented here, along the lines of the Foot Powder recipe, for some historical perspective.

Where would one buy flake white and prepared chalk and would one want to use it on your face?

Face Powder

Buy 10 c
(ups) worth of glycerin
5 c
(ups) bay rum
5 c
(ups) rose water
In one bottle get 5 c
(up) Flake white and 1/2 c(up) prepared chalk

Put powder into 1 1/2 p(ints) cold water
Let come to boil Boil for 15 min

Remove from fire
(!) allow to cool, add rose water etc and bottle.

*Also, we'll forgive her the whole BYU thing. There has to be one in the family somewhere.

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