Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Layers of Snow

I'm getting to the point where these are the only kinds of snowflakes I like.
At least they keep me warm.

Last night it was 0.

I am just grateful it's not in the negatives.
The wind is though.


Remember that January three years ago when I was kayaking in Utah and it was in the 60s?
 I was wearing flipflops in the red sands and walking barefoot down the dock.
 Or hiking in shortsleeves in the sun?
 Even if the edge of the trail was too close for my comfort?

Actually, I'm beginning to forget. 
I think I need to plan a winter trip to southern Utah - for 2016 ...
Sigh. ARGH!
That's TOOOOOOO far away.

Is it spring yet?

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