Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Amber!

This little cutie has suddenly grown up.
Baby niece Amber is now 9!
A Super FIERCE and attitudinous 9!
She's still snuggly with Grandmary, but now is much more independent.
If you can't find her playing with her sibs, she's deep in a book, (still with those bendy knees), or considering her books, or contemplating the next book. Or writing me a book report, or talking to me on Skype, or asking about more books.
I was so glad to visit a year ago for her baptism and to take pictures of her many faces;
Baptism day 2014
Nope - this is not an inherited look, at all. NOPE.
Seeing Eye to Eye with Auntie
Sweets for the sweet?
Jazz hands!
Takes after her aunt, or something.
Imp of Perverseness v. 2
Do you see the future teen, or is it just me?
As grateful as I am for Skype, FaceTime, email attachments, iMessages, letters, phone calls, and notes - I still wish I was closer so I could be a better aunt to the kids, especially this little mini-me. Sending presents of books, shared birthday month amethyst heirloom jewelry from when I was her age, and random notes, just isn't enough sometimes.

I hope when, and if she ever sees this blog, she'll know that I love her very much, and wish her a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and a fun, nifty, spectacular, exciting, and adventuresome year.

All my love,

Auntie Nettie

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