Monday, February 2, 2015

43 Ideas for Birthday 43: Tarot II

Another redux Wish, as is appropriate for Groundhog Day. (Or another turn on the Great Wheel).

Here's my original post, so you can see all my babbling:

Here's an excerpt:
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I have a dream to pop into a palmist or a tarot reader's establishment, with enough cash to pay so it can be anonymous, without notice, and see the kind of reading I might get from someone who does not know me, or have a way to do prior research via the Internets. 

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While I believe that we make our own destiny, and I know that nature, nurture, our ancestors, and our own free will help us forge our paths, a little guidance can't hurt. I am probably a little more open-minded than some, having read a lot of fantasy and science fiction, and studied other cultures and religions, so I know that many consider that there may not be "one true way." I may not believe in reincarnation for myself, but I know that the spirit world is closer than we think. That's why I will NOT, however, play with a Ouija board, or invoke anything negative to enter my space via a seance, or even go to a medium.

A little palm reading though? Or a little "card-flipping"? Those can be open to interpretation, and if you are careful not to reveal too much in advance, or via face/body language ... could be fun.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
~ Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Just for kicks, here's my very long horoscope for the year from Glamour, of all places.
Take with a HUGE grain of salt. I do. 
Like a Lake full of Salt.

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