Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Travel Woes is Me

Today, Friday, Jan. 3, in pictures:

For context: Winter Storm Hercules socked New York/New England Thursday into Friday causing school/work closings (including the Big J), and more importantly for me, travel woes.

The day started well, with lots of last minutes stories, pictures, snuggles, and kisses from these three in Idaho.
Since I was getting an all clear from the airlines, all travel seemed to be a go, so there was a lovely drive through the rolling wheat fields of Idaho. (Note, no snow.)
I got out of Idaho, to Salt Lake, no problem. (See Salt Lake Valley out of the plane snowy and grey.) My afternoon flight from SLC to JFK was only delayed an hour when I got off the plane and looked at the board and checked voice messages.
By the time I got to my new gate area, the delay jumped three hours to after 8pm.
Time passed slowly, as it does, and that flight got cancelled. I got on standby for a 11:55pm, which was delayed to 12:45am--and also confirmed for a Sunday redeye arriving Monday at 6:30 am, just in case.

So I decided to stick around and see if I could a) make it on the flight and b) get out of Salt Lake. Turns out, being early and nice and polite and working social 
media and in person facetime counts, as I wadn't on standby, but put in an actual premium seat. NICE. OR was it? (Insertforeboding  music here.)

Around 9 pm THAT flight was cancelled too. More talking to agents and being polite, and I think I got booked on a redeye out Saturday night into Sunday morning.* I am pretty sure anyway. I trustnothing  now.

Then it was off to find my suitcase so I could then find a hotel for the night. Surprisingly, though I was warned it could take 2 hours to find my bag, especially with amount of other people in same boat, I got it within 10 minutes of talking to the agent (helps NOT having a big black bag), and then it was off to try and get a room at some inn somewhere.
About this time, about 12 hours after we left the house in Idaho, I got a bit tired. I had eatten 2 meals, getting a discount the second time because the cashier recognized me from my lunch trip (a sign you have been there too long); drunk copious amounts of non caffienated fluids (I know!); worked on an afghan; gone with the flow and remainded calm.

BUT I zoned out when the airport hotel agent told me where to grab the courtesy shuttle. I stood on the curb for about 30 minutes before I called them again. About 30 minutes later, (now I was getting fuzzy), I finally booked a room for 2 nights at an inn. With a redeye flight on the books, I am NOT CHECKING OUT AT 11am to go back to the airport until I have to. At this point? I don't care about the costs.

So now I have emailed the family, taken a LONG HOT shower, written this post about my day, and it is past 1am
MST and I am ready to revel in my kingsize bed and prepare to see what tomorrow's travels bring.

Thanks to J and Christina; Dad; Leta, Bill, Josephina, and RW at Delta; cashiers, Delta lady at baggage; lady on Holiday Inn Express phone; lady at shuttle window; shuttle driver, David at the Inn; and all the passengers affected by snow who weren't cranky. Remain calm and carry on. 

Continue praying please, but can we add "get on a plane that leaves Salt Lake, arrives in New York, and then gets unloaded at the gate, all on time" to "we pray that Auntie Nettie travels safely." The latter is appreciated because I have.

I am grateful and aware that today could have been more difficult. 

So grateful.
So aware.

So ready to go home to my Attic.


* I have to be in the office on Monday am. A new boss is starting, I have deadlines, and I have work and emails from mid-Decrmber on to catch up on. Losing Saturday and now Sunday to prep really hurts.


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